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What people are saying about me

“Every time Eric coaches me, I walk away happier, lighter, more clear and confident. My only concern with him coaching more people is that I won't always be able to get squeezed in so easily!”

-Leandra Williams (Blogger, Writer, and Educator


“Eric Fleming has amazing energy and spark. He helps me explore all the areas I resisted or felt discouraged about, and helps me find a wisdom deep in myself to make changes here and now!”

-Sue Greenberg (Business consultant, founder Communication Lines)


“Eric is a phenomenal coach that has an exceptional gift with being in tune with his client. He creates a calm, supportive space to step out of your comfort zone to confront any issues that you want to work through.”

  -Rene’ John-Sandy (Founder/Director of Hip Hop Loves Foundation)


“Within the first minute of meeting Eric, his welcoming smile and disarming laughter will invite you into a space of positive energy and boundless joy. Eric's style is inquisitive and focused while managing to never lose its playful quality. He is committed to seeing transformation in his clients...”

-Chris Poling (Assistant Vice President, Mizuho Capital Markets Corporation)

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