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What will we discuss?

Whatever you want to. This coaching relationship will be designed by us, to serve you. We can have a specific goal in mind, or we can work with whatever is present for you at the moment.

How will we do this?

You get a zoom link when booking appointments. If you prefer phone to video, we can adjust for that as well.


How often?

I recommend once a week or at least bi-weekly. This allows you to consistently integrate the reflections and work on making changes. 



How do I pay for services?

Venmo or paypal works best



Coaching Package Perks:

  • "lifework" assignments and activities designed specifically for you

  • detailed notes sent via e-mail after each session

  • unlimited support via e-mail between sessions

  • recordings of sessions  to track growth



Individual Coaching


I'm passionate about working with people to reimagine possibility for their lives, find joy, and be rooted in their power.  Far too often, we don’t operate in our own strength and worthiness. We tell ourselves we’re not good enough, not experienced enough...the list goes on. How would things be different if you were in relationship more with your own power? As a coach, my goal is to get you to a place where you’re so familiar with what it feels like to be in alignment, that goal setting and decision making comes with ease. You should work with me if and when you're ready to make a shift.





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