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Tarot readings

Tarot has been a part of my spiritual practice for years. As a coach, I'm big on asking meaningful questions and letting them guide us to a place of clarity. I find this to be the basis of tarot: poignant questions, meditation, reflection, and empowered action. This isn't fortune telling or the gimmick that you've seen in movies.

The root of my work with tarot is to guide my clients to a place of clarifying how they want to show up in the world, and to understand how they may have been getting in their own way.

As I see it, tarot is a reflection of the themes, fears, and hopes that are present in our lives. The desired outcome is always to bring us closer to finding our authentic selves.

Services offered:

30 min tarot reading

1 hr tarot reading


1 hr half tarot/half coaching



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