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So...what is coaching?

I like to think about coaching as guidance, clarity, and creative problem solving. It's an exploration of possibility. Coaching creates space to look at an issue and understand how it may be affecting us (physical stress, emotional stress, harmful thoughts and habits, etc.) It allows us to uncover how we want to show up for ourselves. Coaching is empowerment.


As a coach, it's my job to hold you to your highest potential and support you in being your best self. I don't tell you how to live your life because a.) that's not helpful and b.) who wants that? Instead, we get curious about the challenge affecting you, discover where you want to be in regards to that issue, then co-create a plan of attack to get there. 

My training is rooted in Gestalt therapy techniques, but I use a hybrid of tools including guided meditation, EFT tapping, curious investigation, and tarot. Coaching is a diverse practice, tailor fit to meet your needs. To schedule a complimentary 30 min discovery session, e-mail me at

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